International Money Transfer Agent – PC software

Introducing IMTA
(International Money Transfer Agent)

IMTA is designed for money senders to keep record of transactions where each customer is issued a unique reference number for efficient management. All your money transfer invoices available on your finger tips.

Key Benefits:

  • Speeds up order taking because it remembers previously entered details.
  • Any country or currency with different commission rate could be added.
  • Eliminates mistakes while invoicing.
  • Reduces time and paper waste.
  • Creates efficiency and ease for management
  • Produces return on investment.
  • Keep all customer record and you can search by their customer name.
  • Work out profit and loss for you business so you know exactly how the business is doing?
  • Print out invoice with your business details.
    Can work with any Money Broker.
  • Save Receivers names for each sender
  • Saves collection stations address for each country
  • Shows Sender Account No and details
  • Show Receivers details
  • Allow to send transfer through any network
  • Shows Calculation and Outstanding amount if any
  • Show Address of Collection Point or Bank Brach address
  • Print weekly/monthly and yearly sales reports like who has been sending most of the money to which country? Or how much money was sent a particular date? Or How much money you making on each transaction and many other reports.